$80 Million dollars out of one chiropractic practice.

If that does not raise red flags. We are not sure what does. It certainly taints the chiropractic profession but can be found in other healthcare professions. This article comes to us via the New York Post by Kaja Whitehouse, “Feds claim chiropractor brothers bilked patients out of $80M”.  This is some of the stuff that federal investigators are dealing with are these egregious red flags. This is quite an extreme example but that does not mean that a dual fee schedule would not go unnoticed. Keep yourself protected with patient options. Let’s look at some of the offenses that the Spina brothers are accused of committing.

Two chiropractors from Middletown spent years bilking taxpayers out of $80 million by ­recommending patients wear cumbersome back braces even when they didn’t need them — among other “fraudulent billing practices,” according to the feds.

Prosecutors in White Plains, the FBI and the state Comptroller’s Office say chiropractor brothers James and Jeffrey Spina — along with sister Kimberly Spina and their bookkeeper — appeared to be simple operators of a pain-management and rehabilitation center.

But behind closed doors, the Spinas and bookkeeper Andrea Grossman were secretly squeezing Medicare and state insurance funds out of millions by billing for fake, unnecessary and already paid-for procedures, the feds said.

“In operating the multiple businesses, James Spina and Jeffrey Spina showed little, if any, regard for which medical services or treatments were medically necessary, or even whether the services were actually provided to patients,” according to court papers.

The alleged fraudsters have pleaded not guilty and face a maximum of 20 years in prison.



Thanks to the New York PostKaja Whitehouse, and their article  Feds claim chiropractor brothers bilked patients out of $80M