Attention Trade Associations!   Patient Options is open to new partnerships!

The goal of all trade associations is to create value and look out for the best interests of  your respective members.

The last few years have been tough- Covid has destroyed a lot of practices, healthcare revenue keeps decreasing, regulations increase, and many associations lose provider members, because they find it no longer financially viable to remain in practice.

You work hard to keep your members happy- so give them more (for less)!   Patient Options DMCO offers several different options to:  1)   give better value for members and 2)   create an additional source of "non-dues revenues" for your respective association.

Healthcare delivery is evolving rapidly to become more patient-friendly and value-based.  What part of the evolution curve does your state association want to be on- looking back on historical ideas?.... or looking forward to the future?

Let’s find out how we can work together!  We realize there is a certain amount of vetting (legal, regulatory board, compliance, and otherwise) involved with any prospective relationship, so  please contact us for more information.

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